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Our 15 Favourite Christmas Films: Ranked

Yes ladies, it's time to type 'Christmas' into your Netflix search bar or grab your Christmas DVDs off the shelf. Everyone has their favourite Christmas film, but which one comes out on top?


The BeGlad team decided to sit down all snuggled in our hoodies with some popcorn and watch some Christmas films just so we could rank them specially for you.🍿  So get ready for a bumpy ride, because it was a difficult coming to an agreement on some of these films - they are all amazing for Christmas. Just because films are ranked towards the bottom doesn't mean we love them any less. Be warned - major spoiler alert!


15 - Last Christmas

This film has everyone's favourite Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke in, and follows her character Kate as she works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop. We never knew there was such thing as a year-round Christmas shop🤷‍♀️  She meets Tom, who turns out to be the best gift she could ask for. It's a Christmas rom-com, with a super surprising twist. It makes you realise that love really does exist, even if you find it dressed as an elf...


14 - Polar Express

This classic Tom Hanks film follows a boy who is doubting his belief in Santa🎅 (We don't know what he's thinking. Santa's real, right?). On Christmas Eve, he boards a magical train to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus and learns about friendship, self discovery and bravery. It's definitely one to watch with the kids. We loved watching it when we were younger, and now watching it back as adults, we finally realised the message it's trying to get across. It's a great film and the CGI is great considering it came out in 2004, one to watch with the kids this Christmas.


13 - Nativity!

This classic comedy is about a primary school teacher that's put in charge of producing the nativity play and tells a lie to make their play better than the posh rival school. He tells everyone Hollywood is coming to watch, seen as his ex-girlfriend works in the film industry, but they haven't talked in years. All-in-all, the nativity is a success and he ends up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend👫 What's great about this film is the children - they're so adorable! We loved seeing them sing and dance in their nativity auditions and the nativity itself, they were amazing considering how young some of them were.


12 - The Holiday

Iris, (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) swap homes after being extremely unlucky in love. They both find the perfect men in each other's home town and city. Finding love at Christmas makes this a great rom-com for the festive season ❤️ Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are the perfect actresses for this film. Everyone has been in the place in life where they are unlucky in love, haven't they? This film makes you realise you're going to meet the right person, it's beautiful!


11 - Love Actually

If you haven't seen Love Actually before, then prepare yourself for an amazing cast, ranging from the late Alan Rickman to Keira Knightley and Liam Neeson. It has 9 stories that intertwine throughout the film and follows their love lives❣️, including the prime ministers, played by Hugh Grant and rock and roll legend Billy Mack played by Bill Nighy. It was quite confusing for a few team members to get their heads around at the start because it kept flicking between people's stories, but they got the hang of it eventually and we decided this film definitely lived up to it's reputation of being a brilliant Christmas film.


10 - Santa Claus: The Movie

It's an oldie but a good, we promise! This film starts with a Toymaster who discovers the North Pole and becomes Santa. His head elf Patch leaves for New York City and gets messed up with a toy maker's plans to take over Christmas. Santa has to save Patch and Christmas. Can you guess if he does? Of course he does, he's Santa Claus after all🎅 We admit, the trailer doesn't look amazing. But the film is brilliant. It put us straight into the Christmas spirit. The actors in it are amazing as well, especially Patch, and considering it's from 1985 the visuals are amazing. Admittedly not the reindeer.


9 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

This film is based on Jack Skellington who lives in Halloweentown, where Halloween is the focus of every household. He desperately wants to see Christmas and decides to bring it to him, he renames it 'Christmastown'. But things go wrong when he kidnaps Santa and lets the Oogie Boogie man free. Can Sally save them? Of course she can. Now, this film can be classed as a Christmas and Halloween film so, for that reason alone it get's extra brownie points from us. It's also a Tim Burton film - we love it even more! 


8 - The Holiday Calendar

This Christmas rom-com follows Abby, Kat Graham, a struggling photographer📸. Rather than getting chocolate in her Christmas calendar, which you'd expect, she receives items that become real - a pair of boots, for starters. We wouldn't mind a calendar that gives you items everyday that become real! What would you wish for? It's a cute little Christmas rom-com. We really loved Kat Graham in this, it's such a change from seeing her in The Vampire Diaries. Overall, a lovely story with a magical twist. 


7 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

We're not entirely sure it's one for the kids, but it's definitely a great Christmas comedy to watch. It's part of the National Lampoons series and follows the Griswold family. Father of the family Clark wants to make sure everything is perfect for Christmas, including the tree and decorations🎄. Things get interesting when Clark's family comes into town for Christmas. It's a great watch and makes you realise that Christmas is a great time to spend with family. We love this film so much and laughed so hard watching, it was difficult not to put it higher. It's brilliant 😂


6 - Jingle All The Way

Turbo-Man is the focus of this film, as Howard tried everything he can to get his son one in time for Christmas along with a postman called Myron. Howard ends up dressing as Turbo-Man at the Christmas Parade and is allowed to give a Turbo-man to a child in the crowd... of course he gives it to his son. However, Myron dresses as Turbo-Man's enemy and steals it but eventually gets arrested. Howard and his family have a Merry Christmas, and his son finally gets a Turbo-Man. We all decided that we'd be super proud if our dad tried that hard to get us a Turbo-Man for Christmas. It's an action packed film and great for the kids.


5 - Jack Frost

This film is known to make you cry a little, so be prepared if you're going to watch it. Jack, played by Beetlejuice himself Michael Keaton, is a musician and it always touring with his band meaning he can't spend much time with his wife and son. he dies in a car crash on Christmas day. A year later, Charlie plays Jack's harmonica and that night the snowman he'd made comes to life ⛄️ Jack has turned into the snowman. Charlie completely freaks out and we're not surprised - who wouldn't be scared by a talking snowman?! They do all the things they couldn't do when Jack was alive before he goes away forever, well, melts. Things like play ice hockey and have snowball fights. It's the end scenes that gets you, you'll need your tissues😭 It's a great film but sad.


4 - Home Alone

It's a classic. We know it's not our Number 1, but it's one of the best-known Christmas films. It's based on the McCallister family, mainly Kevin. They accidentally leave him when they're late to the airport and miscount the amount of children outside the van. Kevin has to fend for himself and we see him protect his house when the Wet Bandits plan to rob the house 🏠 We see his booby traps - like him throwing a tarantula at Marv's face and throwing paint cans down the stairs attached to string. The Wet Bandits are arrested, and when Kevin wakes up on Christmas day you think he'll be alone. Then walks in his family. All is merry and bright. We only have one word to sum this up - fantastic!


3 - Home Alone 2

Similar to the first film, Home Alone 2 triggers some very controversial opinions... is the first or second better? In our opinion, the second. Rather than being forgotten this time, Kevin does get taken to the airport, but gets on a plane to New York rather than Florida where the rest of the McCallisters are heading ✈️ He has his dad's wallet so checks into the Plaza Hotel. He discovers the Wet Bandits are planning on robbing Duncan's Toy Chest and plans to stop them. Kevin sets up booby traps in his uncles house, like throwing bricks from four stories high or the iconic scene where Marv gets electrocuted through the sink. It's a brilliant film that needs to be watched. No question about it. The booby traps are amazing, obviously not for Marv and Harry, and the storyline is great.


Now, the last two films are The Grinch and Elf. Two absolutely classic Christmas films, this was the most difficult decision out of all the films already discussed because they're both so iconic!


2 - Elf

Buddy, played by the hilarious Will Ferrell, accidentally ends up in the North Pole as a toddler and is then raised as an elf. He always feels like he doesn't fit in, and so one day, 'Papa Elf' sits him down and tells him the truth. Buddy decides to go to New York City in his full elf uniform to search for his real father, Walter. Chaos and comedy ensue, and soon it's up to Buddy to save Christmas for everyone. 👏 This Christmas film will never get old and is on that can be watched over and over again. Some of us have already watched it again since ranking these Christmas films, that's how much we love it. Will Ferrell, the story, his elf costume - it just all comes together to make an amazing film.


1 - The Grinch

We want to visit Whoville so badly! Jim Carrey was considering quitting halfway through filming because of the prosthetics - we're happy that he didn't! The Grinch is rejected as a child and lives alone for most of his life on the outskirts of Whoville. He hates the citizens and he hates Christmas. Cindy Lou invites the Grinch to a celebration but he ends up being humiliated and plans a scheme to ruin their Christmas. Naturally, things don't go to plan! Cindy Lou becomes friends with him and stops him from destroying Christmas. His heart grew three sizes, showing how much his love grew. After saving Christmas, the people of Whoville love him and he's no longer and outcast. Two words: AMAZING! EPIC! Jim Carrey - we can't imagine anyone else as the Grinch, what an actor! The story behind this is beautiful and pulls at your heartstrings, but it's also got humour in. That's why Jim Carrey is perfect for the Grinch. 10/10! 


Now, we absolutely loved watching these films and writing about them. Let us know what you think of the ranking, and whether you'd put these at the top of your list too! We'd love to hear other Christmas films you've been watching, so don't forget to send us some recommendations! ✨


Merry Christmas ladies

The BeGlad Team x